Deflation Takes a Toll on Commodities

This is from the BBC (November 13):

Commodity prices have been falling all week, with the price of copper hitting a six-year low, and oil near six-and-a-half-year lows.

Other commodities have also been in significant price downtrends.

A Wall Street veteran discusses his fears of “a near deflationary free fall.” Read this excerpt from a November 13 CNBC article:

Investors should watch what commodities are doing, Art Cashin said Friday.
The Wall Street veteran noted that most of the sector's major benchmarks are in a state of advanced decline, which may portend bad news for the economy as investors await the Federal Reserve's next move.
"I'm worried about what we have is a near deflationary free fall going on in commodities," the UBS director of floor operations at the New York Stock Exchange [said]...
"You've got copper down, zinc down; even lead is down. Oil is down; the near-month in WTI [West Texas Intermediate] just broke below $41."

You can review the entire article by following the link below: