European Union: Inflation Rates Head South (Even in Germany)

Inflation rates for several European nations keep sliding despite years of economic stimulus.

Indeed, Greece, and now Spain, have slipped into outright deflation.

But even Europe's largest economy, Germany, faces falling inflation rates.

Here's an excerpt from a March 28 Wall Street Journal article:

The rate of inflation in euro-zone countries keeps dropping.

The latest data show that Spain has slipped into outright deflation, with consumer prices falling 0.2% on the year following an annual rise of 0.1% in February. Even Germany, among the single currency’s strongest economic performers during recent years, has been subject to declining inflationary trends.

Does this portend Japan-style deflation?

The article also features a chart that shows the inflation rates of Germany, Greece, Spain, France and Italy.

You can review the entire article by clicking the link.