Eurozone: Fiscal Stimulus Meets Deflation

The Eurozone's economy continues to be troubled, despite unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus.

In March, industrial output in Germany fell 1.3%, and declined by 0.3% in France. And Italy is grappling with a banking crisis.

Here's an April 11 headline from David Stockman's Contra Corner:

Italy's Banking Crisis Is Back -- Government Desperately Seeking Bailout Fund To Address EUR 370 Billion Bad Loans

Also, Portugal and Spain are seeing a return of problems in public finances.

A May 10 Telegraph article discusses the possibility of a "deflation trap":

The eurozone's short-lived recovery is already losing steam as stimulus fades and deep problems resurface, raising fears of yet another false dawn and a potential deflation trap if there is any external shock over coming months. ...

'The recovery is not gaining any traction. I am really quite worried about another spasm of the debt crisis over the summer, said [an economist] from Markets and Money Advisory. ...

Looser fiscal policy has been too scattered and weak to galvanize lasting investment, and the initial sugar rush is now ebbing.

[A managing director] from Jefferies said the ECB has so far failed to build a buffer against a deflationary shock. 'What catches the eye is that services inflation has been running at just 0.2pc over the last six months. They are really not that far away from deflation.'

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