Price Deflation Pinches Propane

Deflation is an unfolding global story that encompasses nations, and even at this relatively early stage, much of the entire continent of Europe.

This Deflation Watch posting shifts from the macro to the micro with a focus on propane.

The price of the gas has fallen dramatically in the past two years.

Read this excerpt from the

The cost of steak may be up but fuel needed to cook it hasn't been so cheap in years.

Propane, which had been selling for $4 to $5 a gallon just two years ago, has dropped to a little more than $1 a gallon in recent weeks.

It was priced at $1.05 for cash-up-front, take-away orders last week at the East Central Iowa Cooperative in Waterloo.

“… prices are reaching lows they hadn't seen in years,” [an energy analyst] said.

You can read the entire article by following the link below:

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