See This Sign of a Slowing Global Economy

If you regularly scan the financial press, you've probably noticed several headlines in recent months which are similar to this one (CNBC, March 1, 2019):

A lot of indicators that global growth is slowing, says senior economist

A month later, an April 1 New York Times article also picked up on the theme of slowing economic growth. Here's an excerpt:

[On March 28], the Commerce Department revised 2018 growth downward to below 3 percent, even as forecasts for 2019 were also trending lower, toward 2 percent. It all has triggered another wave of disappointed commentary about doggedly "slow" growth in the United States.

But it is not just an American story.... Across the world, economists have had to downgrade growth forecasts in most years since the global financial crisis of 2008.

Defying the hopeful projections, Japan has rarely grown faster than 1 percent. Europe has struggled to sustain growth faster than 1.5 percent. No one quite knows how fast China is growing, but it's clear that there, too, the economy is slowing.

Five days later, Elliott Wave International's April 5 Global Market Perspective published this chart and said:


According to the Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index, just one of four critical economies, the United States, can still boast an expanding manufacturing sector. (Growth is anything above the 50 level). Our view is that... America will join the rest of the world in a painful contraction.

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