Will the U.S. Housing Market Cool Off Anytime Soon?

The question posed in the title is what a lot of people have been asking themselves.

Indeed, here's an April 21 Barron's headline:

Google Searches Asking 'When Is the Housing Market Going to Crash' Have Soared...

Well, in answer to the question, financial history shows that stock market and housing prices are closely correlated.

In other words, housing prices usually rise when stocks are in a bull market, and usually fall around the time that stocks enter a bear market.

Review this chart and commentary from Robert Prechter's 2020 edition of Conquer the Crash:


Real estate prices have always fallen hard when stock prices have fallen hard. [The figure] displays this reliable relationship.

Here in April 2021, with stock prices near all-time highs, housing prices in the U.S. have also soared.

Here's just one sample headline from KTLA-TV in Los Angeles (April 21):

SoCal home prices rise by double digits in March, marking 8th straight month of increase

Yet, as mentioned, when an inevitable bear market in stocks arrives, expect housing prices to also tumble.