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Deflation is one of the least-understood economic environments for investors, yet one of the most potentially devastating to the unprepared. connects you with the experts and resources that will equip you not only to stay safe during deflation, but to take advantage of the unique opportunities deflation can provide.

What are the Causes of Deflation?

Learn the two main causes of deflation and an example of how deflation played out in Japan in the 1990s.

What’s the Definition of Deflation?

Many investors think that “falling prices” is the definition of deflation. This is not accurate. Learn the definition of deflation.

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Summit of the Debt Mountain

A decision by a clothing company whose product became a Wall Street icon might neatly bookend the bubble and presage debt-deflation. Making the headlines yesterday was Yvon Chouinard, founder of the mountain and outdoor clothing company Patagonia. He has decided to give the company away to a charitable trust with any profit not reinvested in…

The Exploding Debt Burden

Is it sustainable or is debt deflation coming? According to the Institute of International Finance, total global debt stands at over $305 trillion. That’s about 350% of global gross domestic product (GDP). Such numbers are, of course, mind-boggling but we have learned to live with them and accept a massive debt burden as normal. As…

Peak Inflation for U.S. Home Prices. Deflation Ahead?

It looks like the end of the cycle from 2009. The latest S&P/Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index data was released this week and it showed that home prices were rising at an annualized rate of 18.6% in June, down from a peak of 21.1% in April. The U.S. property market is coming under increasing…

The Magic Trick of “Inflation” on Debt

Is it real, or just an illusion? Perhaps the biggest con played on the world over the last century is that governments and central banks have convinced the vast majority of the population that rising consumer prices constitutes what is known as inflation. This has managed to mask the true definition of inflation which is…

The Comical Ali Committee of America

Despite a contracting economy and risk of debt deflation, it’s not a recession. Say what? One of the most famous images of the Iraq War in 2003 was when Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, the Iraqi Media and Foreign Affairs Minister, was interviewed for television and declared that there were, “no American troops on the streets of…

Backward Guidance

As debt-deflation expectations rise, central banks are changing their tune. The European Central Bank hiked its policy rates by 50-basis points yesterday, the first hike since 2011 and more than the 25-basis points that was expected by many (although money market futures had factored it in somewhat). ECB President Lagarde stated in the press conference:…

Stack ‘em high, and sell ‘em cheap. A deflation pulse is coming.

Shops are stuffed full of goods. How do they get rid of them? In any business, whether its goods-related or services, a high turnover is crucial. Sure, some can survive with a stable and loyal clientele, but for most, new (or repeating) customers is what counts. Anticipating the level of future demand is a key…

Is the Doctor diagnosing deflation?

Does the slide in copper mean anything for the economy? Out of all the industrial metals, copper is probably the most ubiquitous. According to the Copper Development Association, 65% of available copper is used in the electrical industry, 25% in construction, 7% in transport and 3% in various other industries. It’s hard to think of…

Eurotrash Signals Debt Deflation

European junk bonds are leading the way into recession. During the 1990s and into the noughties, as the grand European project arguably peaked with the birth of the euro currency, one television show captured the zeitgeist of the time. “Eurotrash,” was a show in English broadcast in the U.K., featuring entertaining stories from around western…