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USD/ZAR: New 'Opportunity of Interest'

Last April, more than one market was flashing an Elliott wave opportunity. Dollar/Rand is not a forex market you hear about often, yet... it's often where people aren't looking that deserves your attention. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst explain last year's opportunity -- plus, another one in the making.

This “Lopsided” Stock Market Ratio Is Sending a Clear Signal

Knowledge of the stock market's Elliott wave pattern is invaluable. Another factor on which to focus is investor sentiment. Here are details of a bull/bear ratio.

See the Dollar Index Rally That Followed Our Forecast

As 2021 began, sentiment toward the U.S. Dollar was bearish on Wall Street and among certain traders. Now see and read the rally forecast that anticipated the new uptrend to come.


Higher consumer prices are here. Is deflation dead?

It's been the story of the past 20 years at least. With economies like China (and others such as India) fully embracing the global economy, all of a sudden (well, millennially speaking) the planet's global labor capacity surged and that led to a huge downward pressure on labor costs. China became the world's factory and kept its export prices low, leading to the oft-used soundbite that China has been "exporting deflation." Now, though, that might be changing.

See This “Anatomy of a Bursting Bubble”

The highly specific rules and guidelines of the Elliott wave model help you to establish high-confidence forecasts. See how a forecast for "a near 50% sell-off" worked out in this global financial market. Take a look at these two charts which depict an "Anatomy of a Bursting Bubble."


Russian Stocks (RTS): "A Very Interesting Setup"

Triangles are one of the most reliable Elliott wave patterns of market psychology. You only see them in very specific parts of the trend. Watch our European Short Term Update editor explain triangle's implication for the next move in Russia's RTS stock index.

8 Indicators in 1: Here's the Message of the Panic/Euphoria Model

Investor psychology has moved back and forth between extreme optimism and extreme pessimism repeatedly throughout financial history. Here's analysis of a "model" which is an amalgamation of eight indicators -- and what it shows today.

Show Me the Monero... And We'll Show You the Opportunity

Since March 2020, the Monero cryptocurrency has rallied 800-plus percent. See and read the Elliott Wave forecast that anticipated the huge move.


Ripple (XRP): How to Trade Elliott Wave Triangles

You've seen them: First, the price swings wide, then less so, then the swings get smaller and smaller... until -- boom! -- prices spike. Triangles are high-confidence Elliott wave patterns, and you see them across different markets. Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst Michael Madden explain how to trade one by looking at the recent action in cryptocurrency Ripple, XRP.


This Is How the Wealth Gap Closes

Leverage and failure to cut losses -- the two reasons at the core of every financial disaster in history. Take a look at this multi-billion dollar hedge fund that recently blew up because of these reasons.


How to Spot Opportunities in US-Listed Foreign Stocks

"Powerful moves directly ahead" -- see what helped our January Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast spot two uber-bullish setups in US-listed Chinese stocks which proceeded to triple in just 6 weeks. (FUTU and TIGR in focus.)


Fibonacci Ratio in 10 Year Australian Bonds? Yes.

Readers often ask us if Elliott waves work in less-talked-about markets. The short answer is, yes. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor walk you through a picture-perfect wave structure that recently unfolded in 10-year Australian bonds.

Stock Giveaway: Party Like It’s … 2021

Evidence abounds that U.S. culture has become thoroughly "equitized." A well-known singer plans to give away a million bucks worth of stock. Other celebrities are participating in "blank check" initial public offerings. See how the number of special purpose acquisition companies have skyrocketed.

Pandemic or Wave Patterns: Only One Caused Corn's HUGE Comeback

Last month, corn prices rallied to their highest level in 8 years. The grain's gains "took many in the industry by surprise." But for one group of investors, corn's comeback was right on schedule...

Cryptos, GameStop, David vs. Goliath: What’s the Next Big Mood Clash?

Big turns in the social mood trend usually create social friction. Witness the recent David-and-Goliath battle between Redditors and Wall Street, or the challenge that cryptocurrencies pose to the international monetary system. Watch as Matt Lampert and Robert Folsom discuss these developments and anticipate who the "Goliaths" and who the "Davids" may soon be, when the next big turn arrives.

Why Didn’t EURUSD Ride Democrats’ “Blue Wave” Higher?

This January, the euro stood at its highest level against the U.S. dollar in 2-1/2 years. And, according to many experts, the January 6 Democratic victory of the U.S. Senate was set to be a victory for euro bulls, as well. But instead, the euro reversed its uptrend as the U.S. dollar gained, and strongly. Why? Here's an uncommon answer.


The Easiest Money in History

Junk bond investors are lining up to lend money to companies. After all, who doesn't want to make north of 4% in the era of record-low interest rates? Before you join the party, though, see this eye-opening chart...

Why These Stock Market Indicators Should Grab Your Full Attention

The way that many investors keep up with the stock market is to simply glance at the daily closes of the main indexes. Yet, it pays to delve deeper than that. For instance, consider these two indicators.